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Our New Jersey Team

The multi-disciplinary team at NJ Institute for Pain Relief specializes in treating all types of acute and chronic pain conditions. Our highly skilled, board-certified providers incorporate a comprehensive approach to treating issues associated with the neck, back, joints and other areas.

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Chief Executive Officer
/ Chief Operating Officer 
Pasquale Pucciarelli, D.C.
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Chief Medical Officer 
Jorge G. Méndez, M.D., D.A.B.A.P.M. 
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Chief Risk Officer
Michael W. Hoffman,
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Director of Operations
Iliana Ruiz
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Director of Marketing
Connor Burkert
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Patient Care Coordinator
Kassandra Class
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Front Desk Manager
Jaime Rodriguez
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Jenna McDermott
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Data Analyst
John Mulvanerty
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Front Desk Representative
Emily Ross
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Front Desk Representative
Nicole Chester
Patient Care Coordinator
Denise Andorca
Tyne Edwards
Gilmar Fallas
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We offer advanced treatments that facilitate healing of a damaged spine or back, injured muscles and joints, and broken or fractured bone – often with remarkable results.

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